What Is An S Corp? Your Guide To S Corporations


In Court I would just present the same evidence everyone else is presenting and then have a legal scholar point out that it doesn’t show the US is a corporation. No, what it means is, the United States is a corporation and all the corporations it owns.


LLCs allow for personal liability protection, which means creditors cannot go after the owner’s personal assets. An LLC allows pass-through taxation, meaning business income or losses are recorded and taxed on the owner’s personal tax return. LLCs are beneficial for sole proprietorships and partnerships.

Common Questions On Starting S Corporation

A corporation sole example would be the Crown, which is embodiment of Legislative, Executive and Judicial branches of government. Again, its all the corporation, not the Constitution nor the ” United states in Congress Assembled.” All in federal reserve notes . These individuals and their rights existed prior to “UNITED STATES CITIZENS” and in fact were people prior to the constitution. Seriously though, I do not believe that the United States is a corporation… but think it is empirically obvious that oligrachs have long highjacked all governments. Democracy is a great ideal though, and I think the US does a great job at liberal democracy in a republic. What you say is well spoken and smart, but you buzzworded a bit. You said some things like “this country was built on a hatred for corporate sovereignty and centralized banking”… but that isn’t fully true.

Government exists today in name only” United States Congressional Record Daily March 17, 1993 Vol. He is not bound by any institution formed by his fellowmen without his consent.” CRUDEN v. NEALE, 2 N.C. In conclusion “The People” does not include U.S Citizens” Barron v. Mayor & City Council of Baltimore. 32 U.S 243 you cannot use the Constitution to defend yourself because you are not a party to it Padelford Fay & CO. v. The Mayor and Aldreman of the City of Savannah 14 Goergia 438, 520. on the other, all governments are Corporations via charters and the consent of the government’s employees and public officers. The point I was trying to make is that the government dupes everyone into becoming u.s citizens and public officers. I saw a website a few years ago where the u.s government, the crown and all the other governments of the world where registered and listed as corporations.

For better insight on this, please look into Lord de Rothchild. They started adjusting entries this system many years ago and essentially took over England this way.

For state requirements, you can check the Small Business Administration’s website to see what licenses and permits your corporation will require. Having such an agreement helps to protect the interests of the remaining shareholders if one owner dies or otherwise wishes to leave the corporation. You may want to consult with an experienced business attorney to assist you in the drafting of the shareholders’ agreement. In most cases, your new business name will be registered when you file your articles of incorporation. Once you’ve selected an available business name, check with your state’s corporations office to see if you can reserve the name until you are able to get your articles of incorporation filed. You’ll probably need to include a corporate designation—a word that identifies your business as a corporation—such as “Incorporated” or “Limited” or “Corporation” .

Taxes In California For Small Business: The Basics

However, shareholders retain the power to elect directors, and individual shareholders can be elected as a director or appointed as an officer. The individual rules of any what are retained earnings are dictated by its corporate bylaws, which is a detailed set of rules adopted by the Board of Directors after the corporation is formed. A corporation’s management structure is much stricter. A corporation must have a formal structure with a Board of Directors handling the management responsibilities of generating profits for the shareholders.

With careful planning, a small business can avoid significant employment taxes by electing to become an S Corp. However, there can be drawbacks of an S Corp that may deter a small business from taking this advantage. Always consult a professional before deciding on whether to be taxed as an LLC or S Corporation. If a business qualifies as an S Corporation, the tax difference between an LLC and S Corp is a bit more nuanced. Both an LLC and an S Corp has flow-through taxation .


That is just a business who calls itself “THE UNITED STATES INC.”… lots of businesses registered with similar names. I mean the job of the FED is to buy government backed assets as part of its stated and public mission to, among other things, help keep the economy stable and prevent inflation. Its definitely a Federal Corp and it’s in receivership under a chapter 11. The only commercial energy that it has is from the true sovereigns. I noticed that when you say that the United States is not a corporation that you never write the UNITED STATES of AMERICA in capital letters is not a corporation. Can you give me a explanation because we all know that The United States of America is not a corporation. I ask you again personally and for all the Patriots who stand with me is the UNITED STATES or the UNITED STATES of AMERICA a corporation.

One of the first decisions you’ll make when starting a new business is choosing an entity type. Generally, most entrepreneurs choose to form a https://wave-accounting.net/ or a Limited Liability Company . The main difference between an LLC and a corporation is that an llc is owned by one or more individuals, and a corporation is owned by its shareholders. BUT, while the government is a corporation, the land we live on is not a part of it. We own that property, and we contract the government to care for it, not to buy it off of us.

That same method would apply to it being abolished. This requires a 2/3 vote of both houses of Congress and ratification by 2/3 of the states. Did that happen when the United States was turned into a corporation?

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This occurs at the depository by the close of each business day. Therefore, all balances are false statement, false entries accordingly. (June income summary 25, 1948, ch. 645, 62 Stat. 750; Pub. L. , title IX), LAW.CORNELL.EDU 18 U.S. Code § 1005 – Bank entries, reports and transactions.

  • Given the freedom of interstate commerce guaranteed under the Constitution, would-be incorporators could choose the state in which they wished to incorporate without compromising their freedom to transact business in any other state.
  • Whenever people acted together with a view to profit, the law deemed that a partnership arose.
  • Do not call the Division to verify receipt of your filing or other service request.
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The fact that the US can be party in any lawsuit is a direct show that they are in fact the corporation and not the sovereign entity. You can not be sued in court without having a social security number or birth certificate. You also cannot be sued for anything other than federal reserve notes. citizens, residents, or inhabitants of the us corporation/ federal zone that we always hear and which we are always called by the government/law enforcment officers are government created corporations. So interesting note, if the United States is a corporation… Then it is a person. And, if foreign bankers own the U.S., then is it a slave?

Commonly restricted words include “Bank” and “Insurance.” The following steps provide a guide to help you form a corporation properly. Depending on the state in which you live, you may or may not have to take all the steps outlined below to start a corporation. To obtain state-specific information on how to start a business or form a corporation, check out the list of links to state business offices maintained at the Small Business Administration website.

Instead, contact this office by phone or in writing. The Division of Corporations is the State of Florida’s official business entity index and commercial activity website.


Generally, California law follows federal law in computing the S corporation’s income. However, the major difference is that for California purposes, an S corporation’s income is taxable at the corporate level and the pass-through of its income to the shareholders is also taxable on their returns. In addition to the basic legal requirements for various types of business entities that are generally codified at the federal level, there are variations between state laws regarding incorporation. Therefore, it is generally considered a good idea to consult with a corporate lawyer or accountant to make an informed decision regarding what type of business entity is best suited for your specific business. An established S corporation can help boost credibility with suppliers, investors, and customers since it shows a commitment to the company and to the shareholders.

The best-known example, established in 1600, was the East India Company of London. Queen Elizabeth I granted it the exclusive right to trade with all countries to the east of the Cape of Good Hope. Some corporations at this time would act on the government’s behalf, bringing in revenue from its exploits abroad. Subsequently, the company became increasingly integrated with English and later British military and colonial policy, just as most corporations were essentially dependent on the Royal Navy’s ability to control trade routes. Dutch and English chartered companies, such as the Dutch East India Company and the Hudson’s Bay Company, were created to lead the colonial ventures of European nations in the 17th century. Acting under a charter sanctioned by the Dutch government, the Dutch East India Company defeated Portuguese forces and established itself in the Moluccan Islands in order to profit from the European demand for spices.

If you’re a sole proprietor, it might be best to establish an LLC since your business assets are separated from your personal assets. You can always change the structure later or create a new company that’s an S corporation. An S corporation would be better for more complex companies with many people involved since there needs to be a board of directors, a maximum of 100 shareholders, and more regulatory requirements. It depends on how the business is established for tax purposes and how much profit is going to be generated.

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